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TAG Aerospace

TAG provides design, analysis and certification in the aerospace, oil, gas, forestry, shipping and automobile sectors both in house and on the clients premises.


Engineering Excellence by Design

Tag Aerospace was founded in 1999 by a group of experienced aerospace engineers and designers with a single mandate: To provide a complete package of engineering, design, certification and project management services with the highest possible value to our customers. 

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to continue to lead innovative design in the aerospace industry and to expand that expertise into other markets that can also benefit from TAG's exceptional engineering solutions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a total aerospace engineering service from Concept Design to Production – and to provide a level of service that consistently exceeds customer expectations – expertly, efficiently and cost effectively.


TCCA #SA13-62, FAA #ST02413AK: STOLVIK Compatibility Kit for DHC-2
TCCA #SA03-90, FAA #ST01835NY: Ballistic cockpit door and bulkhead for Shorts SD3-30 and SD3-60 aircraft

Engineering Services

Matching project requirements with our personnel capabilities is a recognized TAG strength.

Design: Concept Design & Prototypes. Composite & Metallic Structures. Production Drawings. Mechanical Systems. Jig & Tool Design. Aircraft Interiors. Test Rigs. Repairs and Modifications

Engineering Analysis: FEM/FEA. Stress and Loads Analysis. Damage Tolerance. Fatigue Analysis. Mass Properties. Thermal and CFD Analysis. Aerodynamics.
Project Management: TAG takes total responsibility for customers requirements, collaborating with manufacturing companies to engineer every aspect of your project from concept to production.

Technical Services: TAG has an extensive database of qualified engineers to support you on your in house programs.

The Sky is Not the Limit

No matter what the industry, application or engineering challenge, TAG delivers excellence by design. TAG has successfully provided engineering support for the following industries:

  • Marine Systems & Ship Hull Structures
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Systems, components and mechanisms for security applications
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Dental Equipment
  • Hi-Speed Industrial Air Drills
  • Artillery Equipment
  • Industrial Design

Engineering Projects

TAG engineers have been involved in the following projects:

Our Team

The tag team is not simply a group of individuals, but a culture of collaboration. We organize specialists into project specific engineering teams to effectively carry out each aspect of your project requirements. Management is the heart of the tag team. Our core group of professionals bring a wealth of global experience in the design of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, providing strong, industry-driven operations management.

Lead Personnel

Mike Hurworth, P.Eng, MBA, Delegated Engineer.
He has over 35 years experience in airframe stress analysis, finite element modeling, damage tolerance analysis and project management as a consultant to a variety of aerospace companies. Mike heads up the Certification and Analysis teams within TAG Aerospace.

Phil Evans
With 35 years Phil has experience with worldwide OEM aerospace companies. He was a senior structural design engineer on the Bombardier RJ700 program, AirbusA320, Boeing 747.Phil heads up the designteamwithin TAGAerospace.

Eric Leaver, P.Eng, MBA, DER
He has a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from Bristol University and a MBA from Manchester Business School, England. With more than 30 years experience Eric is both a Transport Canada and FAA delegated engineer.

Dr. Slava Zaburin, PhD
Dr Slava Zarubin heads the composites structures group. Dr Zarubin was a key player in the Russian investigations into anisotropic isogrid (anisogrid) aerospace structural optimization within the MIR space platform program as well as positions within the automotive and gas and oil industries.

Adriana Bartoli, MSc, P.Eng, PMP
Adriana has performed thermal and thermo elastic design for the earth observation and scientific satellites. Adriana performed all aerodynamics and loads analysis for the TAG winglet programs.

Valentin Ionescu, MSc, P.Eng
With 20 years of manufacturing design experience, Valentin is a Mechanical Engineer well-versed in product development and systems integration. His successful career took him through fields as diverse as aerospace structures, electro-mechanical precision imaging systems and automation of pharmaceutical production lines.

Certification Services

Transport Canada DAO # 02-V-03

TAG offers a Certification team with a comprehensive approach that ensures an integrated certification package in full compliance with regulations.

TAG is CAR 521 compliant and has delegation in FAR23, FAR25, FAR 27 and FAR29

  • Aviation Regulation Compliance and Certification Plan Development
  • FAA, Transport Canada, and EASA STC Development
  • On site Delegates
  • Multinational approvals
  • FAA DER major alteration approvals
  • FAA and EASA TSO Approvals
  • Data package development
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Aerodynamics Design Compliance
  • Substantiation Reports
  • Schematic, Concept, Manufacturing Drawings
  • Certification Test Plan documentation
  • Technical Documentation
  • ICA / MMS Acceptance
  • Flight Manual Supplements
  • Service Bulletins
  • Alternate Means of Compliance (AMOC) assistance

Certification Projects

The following are examples of some of the certification projects

TAG has completed.

  • Bell 212 Fire Fighting System (SSTC)
  • Beaver STOLVIK Compatibility Kit (TCCA and FAA STC) Cessna 172 Wing Modification with Winglet
  • Full FAA Certification from cockpit to tail of the El Gavilan aircraft Repairs for BELL 212, 412, 230, 430, MD9000, Erickson
  • Cargo Mirror and Pulse Light Kit
  • Installation (STC) Bell 212 and 412 Long Line System Installation (SSTC) DHC-6 PDA
  • Otter wing lift strut life
  • extension Otter MTOW increase

Contact Information

115-7350 72nd St. Delta, BC V4G 1H9, Canada.
Tel: 604-940-0275

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