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Alpine Aerotech LP

Alpine Aerotech LP provides helicopter support, and maintenance services in Kelowna and Abbotsford British Columbia, Canada. With industry leading product knowledge and dedicated technicians Alpine is a world leader in customer support.

  • Capabilities
    • Full Support of Bell’s medium & light helicopter fleet:
    • Bell 204, 205, 212, 412
    • Bell 206A/B/L, 407, 427 and 429
    • And military equivalents including the UH-1H, UH-1N, OH-58 and TH-67 helicopters
    • Approval to perform maintenance on Airbus AS 350 series helicopters
    • Import and Export of aircraft
  • Heavy Maintenance
    • Major Inspections
    • Aircraft completions
    • Kit installations
    • Pre-purchase inspections and reports
    • Crash rebuilds requiring Approved fixtures to field repairs, and everything in-between
    • Ability to test all completed systems
  • Structures Repairs
    • Approved Structural Repair Capability
    • Composite Repairs
    • Rotor Blade Repair
    • Aerotech has multiple Bell Helicopter approved Fuselage and Tailboom repair fixtures for 205, 206, 212, 412 & 407, UH-1H and UH-1N
    • Aerotech stocks a number of tailbooms, elevators, cowlings, firewalls, etc. in an exchange pool and for outright sale
  • Special Products Manufacture and Engineering
    • Specialized in the manufacture and R&O of stainless steel and titanium components
    • Authorized for resistance and fusion welding techniques on materials ranging from mild steels to exotic super alloys
    • Aerotech has manufactured its B212/412 Exhaust Ejector/Deflector Assembly for the Bell 412 production line since 1998
    • Aerotech manufactures over 60 specialized helicopter products that can be seen in its product website:
  • Avionics & Instruments
    • Aerotech is authorized for sales and service of all major brands of avionics equipment for:
    • Airframe troubleshooting
    • Complete aircraft rewiring
    • Harness repair
    • New Installations
    • Bench repair for avionics, radio navigation, instruments and electrical components and pitot-static systems.
    • Engineering expertise and experience to design and install major and minor modifications, including all certifying paperwork
  • Aircraft Paint
    • Complete Aircraft stripping and painting service
    • Paint facilities:
    • Three heated and vented booths ranging from 30’ x 14’ x 9’, for smaller jobs, to 50’ x 20’ x 20’ for most larger helicopters
    • Two environmentally friendly dry media strip booths for paint removal
  • Dynamic Components
    • Aerotech is authorized by Bell for overhaul of the complete range of components on the Bell 204, 205, 206A/B, 206L, 212, 412 and 407 models, under its CSF Agreement
    • Full capability and experience with all UH-1H, UH-1N and OH-58 military model dynamic components
    • Experienced component technicians are Bell factory trained on all models within its approval

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Alpine Aerotech
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