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Abbotsford Flying Club


The Abbotsford Flying Club can only be a minor player in the CYXX Aerospace Consortium. However, we are pleased to be included, and we place great value on our relationship with the airport management, and with the aerospace community at CYXX and beyond. The purpose of the AFC is to promote interest in aviation and to provide and facilitate opportunities for its members and others to participate in aviation.

  • To this end the AFC:
    • Owns and operates aircraft which are rented to its members.
    • Leases, maintains and rents general aviation hangars to its members and to others
    • Provides a social meeting place for all those with an interest in aviation, whether professional, amateur, or just peripheral interest.
    • Organises regular meetings with speakers on a range of topics.
    • Organises specific educational and safety seminars.
    • Runs an annual “Wings and Wheels” event each May.
    • Continues to provide many volunteers to help run the Airshow.
    • Introduces kids to their first taste of real flying through its annual “First Flights” event.


The AFC will do whatever it can to help promote the aims of the CYXX Aerospace Consortium.

Contact Information

30540 Approach Drive
Abbotsford, BC, V2T 6H5

Phone: 604-854-3670

email: [email protected]

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