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abbotsford international airshow


The Abbotsford International Airshow, now in its 54th year, is Canada’s National Airshow and has been named one of the Top Ten Airshows in the World (USA Today 2013). Held annually on the second full weekend of August at CYXX, the Airshow showcases a mix of RCAF & foreign military aircraft, vintage aircraft and warbirds and civilian aerobatic and formation performers in front of 75,000+ patrons. There are also a full range of static aircraft displays and commercial displays plus a Chalet Row where companies may host guests in a garden-style, front row setting to enjoy the Airshow. In 2014, Abbotsford debuted its first Twilight Show performance featuring aircraft with pyrotechnics, fighter jets with visible afterburner plumes, a wall of fire and a fireworks finale. 

    • Production and presentation of a world class aerial exhibition held in conjunction with an Aerospace and Defence Expo (ADSE). Together the two events held at the same venue provide a focus for the aerospace industry in the Pacific Northwest and an opportunity for OEMs to showcase aircraft both on
      static display and in aerial demonstrations.
    • Our Chalet Row and its included Presidents’ Club venue operated by the Airshow, provide companies with the opportunity to host clients, guests and employees in an extremely enjoyable setting to watch the aerial demonstrations.
    • The Airshow has a highly motivated group of over 600 volunteers who come together each August to help put on the annual airshow. When added to a wide variety of Service Clubs, sports teams, youth & cadet organizations, and other community groups, we have nearly 1000 volunteers work on each year’s airshow. This is a highly valuable resource capability.
    • Experience in aircraft flight operations and ground handling in a very fast paced aerial demonstration setting. Experience with a mix of aircraft types,
      including both military fighter jets, warbirds and vintage aircraft. Experienced Air Boss and Flying Events team.
    • Logistics capabilities including volunteer feeding & support, field setup and operations, emergency planning and response, crowd management, control and security, and other planning and operational event taskings
    • As part of its Strategic Vision, the Abbotsford International Airshow along with its partners, the Abbotsford Airport and AIAC Pacific is currently planning to become the North American equivalent of the Farnborough or Paris airshow with a mix of both commercial aerospace exhibition activities during the week, leading up to a public airshow on the weekend.


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