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JPOM Canada (“JPOM”) is an independent technical, lobby, and business consultancy with broad expertise in the Aerospace, Defence, Security, Alternate Energy, and Environmental sectors


Things We Do

Strategic thinking and planning. Selecting and building winning teams. Securing sponsors and early adopters. Translating leading edge technologies into top and bottom-line outcomes. Providing that expert, independent sanity-check.

As an independent consultancy, JPOM focuses on specific targeted campaigns (including international) for our clients operating seamlessly at all levels of government – as well as the Regional Economic Development agencies. JPOM is affiliated with CentreArch Inc. which provides comprehensive services in the areas of government contracting, rate negotiations and accounting services.

  • We Assist In
    • Developing Strategic and Tactical Business Plans;
    • National & International Business Development representation;
    • Proposal planning and authoring;
    • Selecting and building partnerships;
    • Industrial Technological Benefits (ITBs) / Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRBs) and Value Propositions (VPs) under the new Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS);
    • Advocacy and Government relations;
    • Navigating public funding channels including: SADI; SDTC; BCIP, WINN; Tech Demo; IRAP; Provincial Programs;
    • Securing investors.

JPOM is a full-spectrum consultancy, spanning from the strategic needs of a Tier 1 multi-national, to that of a start-up seeking venture capital.

  • Our experts are pro-active in pertinent industry associations including:
    • CADSI (Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries)
    • AIAC (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada)
    • AIAC Pacific
    • OAC (Ontario Aerospace Council)
    • ADIANS (Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Nova Scotia)
    • AUSA (Army United States of America)


Presence & Markets:

JPOM has the presence, across Canada (Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver), and internationally, coupled with a complete spectrum of talents. Most importantly we know how to establish and manage these resources in an optimal manner, to maximize client outcomes. In completing our assignments, we build effective bridges with your team, ensuring that our expertise is transferred for your future benefit.

JPOM internationally – our worldwide network of our clients, affiliates and their customers includes:
Canada ,USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Norway, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, UAE, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand, Oman, Qatar, Indonesia, Brazil


We look forward to the privilege of working with your firm in the future.

Contact Information

Head Office

23B Noel Street
Ottawa ON, K1M 2A4

Western Canada Office

#3, 5144 Dhaliwal Place
Chilliwack BC, V2R 0W8

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