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The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada-Pacific (AIAC-Pacific) was created in 2013 out of the shared vision of the Province of British Columbia and leadership of the British Columbia (BC) aerospace sector that the global aerospace industry is poised for once-in-a-generation growth.

Headquartered in BC, AIAC-Pacific is mandated to promote and develop aerospace business in BC by acting as an advocate and facilitator among industry and government. AIAC-Pacific aims to speak with a cohesive voice for the industry while providing access for BC companies to national and international programs.

AIAC-Pacific is well positioned to provide additional benefits to the BC aerospace sector as a result of its relationship with its national association, AIAC. AIAC provides benefits to the aerospace sector by advocating on policy issues that impact aerospace companies and aerospace jobs on the national level. AIAC-Pacific’s integration with the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada provides BC companies with a platform to leverage AIAC’s programs and services and advocacy work designed to help the industry invest, innovate, and develop best-in-class capabilities in the civil aviation, defence and space sectors.